Nayikha Designs is a brand in which consciousness, comfort and timeless fashion intersect effortlessly. Our brand was born to fill in a major gap identified within the South Asian community and the options that were available when shopping for traditional wear. We noticed that the world around us quickly accelerated to address the inefficient and inhumane use of materials such as leather, wool and fur. However, the multi-million dollar silk industry continues to operate while their unethical practices remain unnoticed. India is one of the largest consumers for silk products and this reflects as multiple silk factories can be found across the country. We saw a problem here and worked persistently to create a one stop shop for sustainable South Asian options.


The name Nayikha was born from our deep love and passion for the arts and dance - specifically the Indian classical dance form known as Bharathanatyam. Bharathanatyam has various layers on which it is built upon, one of them being the element of abinaya or expressional movement. The constant thread that weaves and links abinaya together is the Nayikha or the heroine who takes us through her various emotional textures and landscapes. Historically, there are eight different Nayikhas codified by the great masters of the past known as the Ashtanayikhas - each one representing a different emotional state at a given moment in time. Every one of these Nayikhas depict very distinct and nuanced personalities, all of which are portrayed as heroines through their own, unique stories. We believe that just as these Nayikhas, women today should embrace their differences while being themselves unapologetically in every facet of their lives. Our goal is to produce a wide range of sarees to suit every Nayikha of today and tomorrow.


Our logo is handwritten by Mr. Marudu Trotsky, a renowned artist that helped cultivate art during the 1980s. He was one of the few experts selected across India to be in a group of multi-talented innovators that created the very first nontraditional designs on Kanchipuram sarees. His spectacular artwork was a favourite of many, including director Maniratnam. Mr. Marudu Trotsky worked within the Indian cinema industry and portrayed his work as a respectable art director in numerous films. He has also been a pillar in creating media content for the people of Tamil Eelam aiding in our revolution. With all of that being said, I think it is safe to conclude that our logo is timeless and here to stay!